The Slavyani Foundation is founded in 1990 with its main office in Sofia, Republic of Bulgaria. It is a non-governmental organization, a juridical person with non-profitable, non-religious and non-political activity in public interest in conformity with the acting Bulgarian legislation.

       The activities of The Slavyani Foundation are carried out with an active participation of their members - prominent public, scientific, cultural and business figures. 

       The Slavyani Foundation has signed agreements and protocols for joint activities with ministries, foundations, organizations and associations with cultural, educational and scientific institutions, etc., both in Bulgaria and more than 45 countries as: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia and other states of CIS; Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Netherlands, Romania, Greece, Serbia and Montenegro, Hungary, Albania, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia, Finland, Cyprus, Italy, Turkey, France, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Great Britain, Israel, Portugal, USA, China, India, Tunisia, Bosnia and Hertzegovina, Syria, Jordan, Austria, Cuba, Albania, Australia, Canada, Luxemburg, Mongolia etc.

       The Slavyani Foundation helps governmental, public and private organizations in extension of their ties with partners from the Slav countries, EU states, USA etc. It takes part in the activities of other foundations, promotes initiatives for founding firms, joint-stock ltd. or other economic associations promoting development of the integration processes in the Balkans and the Black Sea basin in Europe and the world

       The Slavyani Foundation cooperates with the European international structures for formation a new democratic public consciousness in Europe and the World, promotion of qualification of specialists from Bulgaria and East European countries and realization of perspective international projects in these directions. It works actively on projects of FAR and TEMPUS programs of the European Union.
      The joint initiatives with structures of the UNO, Council of Europe and UNESCO play a strategic role in the activities of the Slavyani Foundation. The Slavyani Foundation participates in the activities of UNESCO as a coordinator for Bulgaria in the line of the International Association for Studying of Slavonic Cultures (MAISK), International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature (MAPRYAL) and International Organization of graduated and specialized in Russia (INKORVUZ).

       The Federation realizes joint projects in the sphere of education, science, culture and public administration with a number of institutions, as: Russian Center of International Scientific and Cultural Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation (ROSZARUBEZHTSENTER); Federal Agency for Work with the Organization of the Independent States, the compatriots abroad and for international humanitarian cooperation (ROSSOTRUDNICHESTVO); Diplomatic Academy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation; International Foundation of Social, Economic and Political Sciences Studies (Gorbachev Foundation), Moscow; Saint-Petersburg State University (Russia); State Academy of Slavonic Cultures, Moscow (Russia);Volga Academy of State Service “P.A. Stolipin” of the Russian Academy of State Service at the President of the Russian Federation, Saratov (Russia); Missouri State University, Springfield (USA); College of Charleston, South Carolina (USA); College of the Ozarks, Missouri (USA); American University in Washington D.C.; Georgetown University in Washington D.C. (USA); George Washington University (USA); Interregional Academy for Management of Personnel (MAUP), Kiev (Ukraine); International Slavonic Institution in Moscow; Foundation of Mediterranean Cooperation (Greece); European Academy of Management; International Forum of Public Administration and Management (IFPAM); University of Applied Sciences and Finance, Ludwigsburg (Germany); Thorbecke Academie (The Netherlands), Lombardy Regional Institution of Public Administration (IREF), Milan (Italy); Associations for Cooperation “Poland-the East”, Poland; Ukrainian Federation of Associations for Contacts with Abroad, Kiev, Ukraine; Public Organization “Belarus Association of Friendship and Cultural Relations with Abroad, Minsk, Belarus; Association of Bulgarians in Ukraine, Odessa, Ukraine etc.

       The Slavyani Foundation is a member of the European Academy of Arts, Science and Literature at UNESCO, European Academy of Management, International Forum of Public Administration and Management (IFPAM), International Association “Slavonic Culture, Education and Science” and  Federation of European Homes.