Our mission (Mission and aims)

       To promote fruitful cooperation of the Bulgarian people with the other Slavonic peoples as well as extension of their communication with other national and ethno-cultural communities in Europe and the World;
       To work actively for studying and affiliation of Bulgaria to the highest achievements of the European and world cultures and recognition of the Slavonic culture as one of the main factors of the all-human progress;
       To pay substantial attention in its activities to democratic changes in the countries from Central and Eastern Europe and in the territory of the former Soviet Union;
       To promote affiliation of the Slavs from all the world to the intransient ideals of democracy and human progress;
       To study and reveal the place of Slavonic culture and civilization in the world culture and civilization;
       To help close cooperation between non-governmental organizations in Bulgaria, Slavonic and other countries;
       To organize, popularize and encourage donation activities and other useful initiatives of Bulgarian and foreign juridical persons in the country and abroad, for maintaining Slavonic intellectuality and strengthening communication between the Slavonic and other nations;
       To work for realization of projects, programs and researches and international cooperation in the field of education, science, culture and arts, exchange of information, experience and results achieved in the mentioned fields and their presentation in the country.