Programs of the Slavyani Foundation

Slavonic University Association and East-European Academic Center Association Programs


The Slavyani Foundation - founder of the Slavonic University Association and East-European  Academic Center Association, helps for:


·       Organization and realization of activities on preparation and improvement of qualification of students and specialists from the country and abroad;

·       Realization of the Education - Best Investment Project;

·       Scientific researches in various fields of scientific knowledge;

·       Use of scientific and teaching potential from Bulgaria and other countries of Europe and the world;

·       Realization of relationship and cooperation with academic communities and institutions from abroad and realization of joint projects;

·       Providing for means and materials and technical basis for realization of the aims of the Slavyani University Association and East-European Academic Center Association.



 Slavonic Cultural Values and Cooperation Program



·       Conversion of the Slavyani Foundation into an intellectual center which promotes the best traditions of the Slavonic cultures, Slavonic historical traditions and intellectual experience in close reach with the intransient values of modern civilization;

·       Preparation and realization of projects and programs for development of cultural cooperation between the Slavonic countries and exchange of cultural values;

·       Studying and realization of projects on the UNESCO programs “Slavonic Cultures and Civilizations” and “Culture in the World” in a closest cooperation with it;

·       Realization of cooperation and joint projects and programs with the International Forum of Non-Slavonic Cultures;

·       Realization of  joint projects with the International Association for Studying of Slavonic Cultures (MAISK); support and organization of activities of the National Committee of  MAISK in Bulgaria; 

·       Working out and realization of joint programs and projects with the Russinan World and MAPRYAL Association;

·       Carrying out traditional international writer’s meeting together with the Union of the Bulgarian Writers;

·       Organization of lectures, exhibitions, concerts, performances, recitals, festivals, cinema panoramas, author evenings, book presentations etc. with participation of representatives from Bulgaria, Slavonic and other countries;

·       Helping activities of museums with Slavonic subjects in the country and abroad;

·       Bestowing annual prizes for author contributions connected with the aims and tasks of the Slavyani Foundation:

          - literature;

          - translation;

          - fine arts;

          - theatrical art;       

          - vocal art;

          - cinema art;

          - television art;

          - journalism;       

          - prizes  for  musicians  and  singers  of  the  Young  Musical  Talents 


·       Helping activities of children and young people in the field of culture and arts with Slavonic subjects;

·       Collecting, systematization and dissemination of information about Slavonic and other countries;

·       Support of chorus, instrumental and dance troops;

·       Organization of summer Slavyani festivals of culture and arts including festivals of Slavonic songs;

·       Organizing forums and parades of Slavonic fashion;

·       Helping publications corresponding to the aims of the foundation in thematic and genre sense.



Education and Specialization Program



·       Scholarships for training of students and PhD candidates in Bulgaria, Slavonic and other countries;

·       Sponsoring short-time forms of education, qualification and specialization of Bulgarian citizens in Slavonic subjects in the Slavonic countries and Slavistic institutions in other countries; and teachers of Slavic and other countries in Bulgaria;

·       Seminars and colloquiums of students and teachers in Bulgaria and abroad;

·       Language preparation, specialization and language seminars in Bulgaria, the Slavonic countries and other countries;

·       Joint projects with the International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature (MAPRYAL)

·       Exhibitions - presentations of higher educational establishments from the Slavonic and other countries, in Bulgaria.



Scientific and Research Activities Program



·       Researching and dissemination of  Slavonic cultures and civilizations;

·       Studying and popularization of the place of Slavonic culture and civilization in the all-human progress;

·       Analyses and scientific working-out on history of the Bulgarian people as a part of the Slavonic community and Orthodoxy;

·       Analyses and scientific working-out on the role of religion in the spiritual legitimization of the Slavonic peoples;

·       Researching and analyzing the processes of  Slavonic mutuality and interaction;

·       Studying history, preservation of originality and culture of the Bulgarian Communities in the World;

·       Studying the changes as a result of the democratic processes in the Slavonic and East European countries and trends of development of economy, science, culture, education and social policy in these states;

·       Researching and analyses connected with participation of non-governmental organizations in formation of the national strategy for further integration of Bulgaria in the European structures and Euroatlantic structures;

·       Studies and analyses of issues connected with the processes of globalization in the contemporary world;

·       Analyses and scientific working-out connected with the Balkan, Black Sea and Mediterranean regions;

·       Scientific working-out on problems of cooperation of Bulgaria with other countries, local self-government and governmental employees, minority ethnic groups etc.;

·       Scientific elaborations on questions of security, regional conflicts and fight with terrorism;

·       Realization of scientific projects on programs of FAR, TEMPUS etc.;

·       Scientific forums: conferences, sessions , round tables, symposiums, seminars, colloquiums etc.;

·       Publication of a Slavonic Chronicles serial;

·       Publication of scientific monographs and books with Slavonic subjects;

·       Center for scientific researches;

·       Discussion club on current problems.




General Open Program



·       Projects and programs helping realization of the aims of the Slavyani Foundation and not included in separate programs;

·       Press-conferences, briefings, advertising and information activities;

·       Charity activities;

·       Donation activities;

·       Prize fund;

·       Juridical insurance;

·       Participation as founder or cofounder in associations with non-profit and profit aim for realization of the aims of the Foundation;

·       Publication activities: Slavyani Advertising and Publishing House (RIK);

·       Computer and information system - technical means, Internet, program insurance and communication equipment;

·       Participation in national and international organizations corresponding to the aims of the foundation.